HQL Solutions was established in the year 2017. It is the most trusted demand generation firm delivering Sales and Marketing Leads, Appointment Setting Services & Contact Discovery Services.


HQL Solutions aim to partner with our clients in increasing the sale of their products and provide solution services. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their sales targets and profit margins with the help of the Lead Generation Process. Our lead generation techniques target and influence potential buyers who show interest in purchasing a product, service, or solution, offered by our partner clients.


The quality of our work makes us dependable and competent to be the sales representatives of our clients while we depend on our client partners to ensure customer retention and customer-centric approach. All of this is achieved by efficient planning and holistic B2B marketing strategy approach by both the teams.

Our teams are trained to provide both inbound and outbound lead generation services. We also have trained staff for email marketing and digital marketing, as both are effective sales lead generation tactics being used today. With the help of a logical approach of populating the relevant potential customer database of the businesses or direct customers, our sales representatives tap into the potential buyers, through their preferred mediums.


Our staff is well versed with research techniques and is always on an outlook of expanding our database of potential buyers for top-selling products, services, and solutions.

We specialise in content syndication through our trusted publisher, Data Management CRMS and creative marketing techniques with timely delivery capabilities. We are shaping up goods with the help of new industry adaption techniques while also adding knowledge to our marketing strategy. It is important to us that the buyers are treated with integrity and honesty.

We believe in making sales based on trust and integrity despite the competition in this field of business. We aim to extend similar genuineness to our client partners providing them with the right customers through marketing leads. We focus on tapping buyers of two types;  i.e. existing buyers and buyers waiting to be found.

We maintain three pools to categorise the buyers, each of which is treated with a different approach.

Committed Buyers
Committed buyers are the types of buyers that show interest and want to buy the product, service, or solution when their expectations of the product and purchase timings are met. This is achieved through follow-ups with leads generated and being aware of the buyer's needs.

Prospective Buyers
Prospective buyers are the ones that show interest but are waiting for an opportunity or need to buy the product, service, or solution. These are parked in our parking-lot of buyers and are frequently contacted to keep a check on their purchase timing.

Sceptical Buyers
Sceptical buyers are the ones that have the need to buy the product, service, or solution but are hesitant. These buyers need more trust-building and engagement to help enable them to decide in the future with the help of customized content and providing solutions to their trouble spots.


Our services are solutions to suit your requirements



Current Openings

Business Development Manager

We are in search of a self-motivated, driven and an experienced candidate to fill in the Business development manager role. This candidate shall possess exceptional communication scenes, must be good at building and nurturing relations and must be business-minded.

Email Marketing

We are in search of a sharp and innovative Emailing Marketer. In this position, you will be required to oversee all aspects of email marketing campaigns, including market research, content creation, and the dissemination of copy.

Lead Generation

HQL is actively looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic candidate with exceptional communication and problem-solving skills.

Content Writer

Content Writers are responsible for style and format consistency across all projects and communicating with other team members to create the best content possible.

Quality Analyst

We are looking for an innovative and experienced Quality Analyst with proven analytical and problem-solving abilities. The ideal candidate must be able to interpret and implement quality assurance standards and provide accurate and comprehensive feedback to colleagues.

Research Analyst

HQL is looking for a talented Research Analyst to perform the roles and responsibilities


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